Stop Designing Life

Money is a need to live & identity is a myth, stop living for changing priorities. Humanity is a virtue & if you are trying to develop means you are not human. Who are you for people standing right next to you, that’s what matters not the world. Being a witness of something great doesn’t make you great, but being part of a little substantial deed will make you a better human.

I remember a quote of Bob Marley- “Some people feel the rain & others just get wet”. It suits all. Many feel the rain & very few get wet. You decide what you want- sulking for the stupid reasons or smiling at the awesome flashes of life. Don’t waste much time in designing an unpredictable life, start astonishing it by unpredictable & stylish performances of yours. Not everyone can be Gandhi or Hitler or Teresa for people, but everyone can be worth for self. Let’s start with the poignant surroundings & resurrect the lives of not known & lost souls. All the best for breaking the black glass…….!!!

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