The Ass-trology!

If you live in India you would totally relate to this. Right from the time a child is born he is caught in an unseen web. Even before he gets an identity in form of some name, his life’s summary and report card is prepared, commonly called the horror-scope…oops! I mean the horoscope. Ever since then his whole life, even his name, depends upon his so-called planets & stars.

Life is about ups & downs and probably the ups wouldn’t be valued and celebrated if there were no downs. As simple as that! But no!!!! How can we simplify things so much, let’s complicate it a bit. Be it studies, career, marriage, house or health for everything we get eager to unleash our future and run to the astrologers or how I like to call them “the ass-trolgers” They claim to decode our horoscope & foresee all the hurdles that may come up in our life. Then there is always some stone you can wear or some pooja you can do or some other deed that’s going to assure your life is smooth.

The debate is not about astrology and its existence/accuracy the point is what is the need of knowing all the good or bad in advance????

If you ask me, I don’t need to know if my shukra (Venus) is flirting with my guru (Jupiter) and that’s going give me backache in life! or my shani (Saturn) is hand-to-mouth and that will hamper my promotion or that my mangal (Mars) is partying and that is sinful for getting married.

These superstitions are all around us, affecting lives. It is not wrong to believe in it, but it is wrong to depend on it. It is ok to wear a stone if it makes you feel confident but it is wrong to wear it in fear that if you don’t wear it only bad lies ahead for you.
The universe works on a simple secret “You invite what you think”. Like how your day is doomed if your daily newspaper horoscope said that it will be a bad day! Thats because you had made up your mind that it is sooo going to happen. So why not to make up the mind for the good things only? Not just astrology, keep yourself at bay from anything that makes you negative or otherwise deal with it in the face, punch it and defeat it!

If life could be unleashed so easily we won’t wait for tomorrow as we would already know it in advance. Nothing is above the faith that everything is fine and will always be fine. Conceive your faith from anything, sometimes a movie or a TV show or a book or a person or your own self helps you feel that life’s good and it will always be good. If you believe in the philosophy that all our stories are pre-written then at least have that confidence that whatever is my story it is the best or else have the balls to believe that you have to write your own story & your mind writes it for you each day. It is up to you that you write a thriller, action or rom-com for yourself!

Think Good. Speak Good. Be Good 🙂

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