I hate you like I love you!

She broke my heart and flaked me- “I hate her!!!!”

I worked hard and he took all the credit-“I hate him!!!”

I shouldn’t have said it “Darn! I hate myself!”

Hate- too strong an emotion, too easy to say. We all have heard a lot of jibber jabber about hatred like -“life is too short to hate” and “If we love our self even after making so many mistakes,how can we hate others for their one mistake” etc. Well! we are not saints and we really don’t need to be. What’s important is that we should know the art of hating i.e. we should know how much hatred is to be parked for whom!

Hatred just like love,is not to be showered upon anybody just like that. It, trust me, is an important asset because by hating somebody you are still giving them a place in your life in some form. Ask yourself again, is that person worth even that much? Do u really want to waste a corner of your heart and mind for that person? In most cases, the answer will be in affirmative.

Also, sometimes we just confuse anger with hatred. We are so much in heat of the moment that we tend to be impulsive,rather than rational. Gradually with time we calm down and so does the anger disguised as hate.

And then there is always a class of people we love so badly that we can can never hate them, no matter what. Just check if you are letting people migrate out of that privileged category for nothing big!

Finally, after the above acid tests what qualifies is actual hate which you have every right to feel and why not!! It comes naturally as a part of human behavior.

Anyway, so now that you are firm that you hate somebody what next?? Usually its like burning your own blood when that person doesn’t even know,or knows, but doesn’t care! Does it mean your are putting the whole city on fire to burn your enemy’s house, but forgetting you too live in that city. We can really do better in such situations. How?? Erm…Just feel sorry for such people for being themselves and cut them off your life! You are a superior human to let go off such things and people in life and focus on more important and beautiful things life offers. Remember “Not everybody you lose is a loss” ๐Ÿ™‚

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