Your life = My life

In Life, there will always be…

A person loving you unconditionally.

A person who won’t love you back ever.

A person who makes you feel you are awesome.

A person who makes you feel you are awful.

A memory you want to forget.

A memory you want to cherish.

A memory you don’t know if you want to forget or cherish!

A friend who would always stick around.

A friend only you thought was a friend.

A pain that will always lie deep within.

A happiness for no reason.

An untold truth.

A told lie.

A fun trip you had been on.

A trip you could never take.

A bad hair day.

An “I’m beautiful” day.

A thing you will be a pro at.

A thing you will suck at.

A pessimism of being doomed.

An optimism of being lucky.

A why me?

A why not me?

A thank God its me!

A me I know. โค

A me others know. ๐Ÿ™‚

So you are not alone in this, life is same to everybody! But as they say ” No matter how many goals the goalkeeper saves, some people will always remember just the ones he missed” .Probably you are doing the same with life, forgetting all the blessings and focusing just on the hardships. Life balances every situation & every emotion, we just are too blind to see its equilibrium. Just try looking at the other side of the story of your own life and you’re good to go!

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