Can’t be with…

How do you live your life with all those “can’t be with” people???… Life just happens. So many people come in just one life, most of them leave & some get stuck with you.  When you try to leave the stuck ones, something happens, something unexpected happens.  It takes a hell lot of efforts to leave a habit & takes a life time to leave the living. Do not get into a habit if you really want to leave. People around you do not exist really if you don’t want them around you. They are just like another thing finding you passing by. I tried to be a little crazy & refused to see anyone around, it pays me well & soothing (at times). Life is more tranquil when you don’t have to care about someone/something, but yes isolated too.

I don’t know the idea of refusing someone’s existence but yes pretending their non-existence is effortless. I guess life is much easier this way. Having lots of good people in life is another problem. You never know which one you should be with, when needed? Though, we are so thankful to have all good people around. Blessings come every time we do great things & …….no need to say what comes when you do wrong.  So keep doing the right (knowingly) & wrong (by mistake only) both, you should have the tastes of all kinds. In the end, you should not regret thinking- this could have been the right way…

Stop Designing Life

Money is a need to live & identity is a myth, stop living for changing priorities. Humanity is a virtue & if you are trying to develop means you are not human. Who are you for people standing right next to you, that’s what matters not the world. Being a witness of something great doesn’t make you great, but being part of a little substantial deed will make you a better human.

I remember a quote of Bob Marley- “Some people feel the rain & others just get wet”. It suits all. Many feel the rain & very few get wet. You decide what you want- sulking for the stupid reasons or smiling at the awesome flashes of life. Don’t waste much time in designing an unpredictable life, start astonishing it by unpredictable & stylish performances of yours. Not everyone can be Gandhi or Hitler or Teresa for people, but everyone can be worth for self. Let’s start with the poignant surroundings & resurrect the lives of not known & lost souls. All the best for breaking the black glass…….!!!

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